Spring blooms!

West Georgia Wedding Photographer
04.11.2017 LAURA

I arrived to a recent session a little early to check a new location and found these blooms. I am so glad spring is here!

Kristin & Drew Engagement Preview

West Georgia Wedding Photographer
04.10.2017 ENGAGEMENTS

I don’t know how I got blessed with the sweetest clients. Every single one! I am so thankful to call photography my job. I meet amazing people, build lovely relationships, see beautiful places and get to watch families grow. It truly touches my heart and I am thankful for you all!  Counting down the days until Kristin and Drew’s wedding at The Wright Farm!


Friday Quotes

West Georgia wedding Photographer
04.07.2017 FRIDAY QUOTES

“Do your thing and don’t care if they like it.” Tina Fey