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Elisanne Calligraphy Workshop

Atlanta Creative Workshop Photographer

What a special honor it is to cheer on industry friends by lifting them up and supporting them whenever you’re given the opportunity. Congratulations to my dear friend, Elisabeth! She hosted her very first calligraphy workshop last week and absolutely rocked it! I can’t wait to start practicing tips from the workbook!!

A few details of the workbook and supplies.

Thank you, Elisabeth! I can’t wait for the next one! xo

May Previews

West Georgia Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

It’s officially May and wedding season! Here’s what I’m currently working on –

Can’t wait to share more soon! xo

Atlanta Street Bridal Company | McDonough, Georgia

Atlanta Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

Join me with cheering on the sweet ladies behind Atlanta Street Bridal Company as they celebrate their grand opening this week. Friends, this shop and the hearts behind their business are beautiful! The shop is co-owned by a former bride (and friend!), Alex . When I was photographing the shop last week, we joked about how crazy it is that we’ve know each other for almost four years! It’s been such a joy to watch her progression from bride to venue owner and now a bridal shop owner! Being a small business owner is not an easy task, but it is incredibly rewarding. I am so thankful for Alex, and for all the other kind people my business has brought into my life. I am truly blessed beyond measure!

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