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I’m a huge supporter of ‘Community over competition’ and so proud of our local Atlanta TuesdaysTogether group member, Christina Scalera! Christina is a fabulous lawyer for creatives and she has teamed up with The Rising Tide Society to offer a four part webinar series on how to ‘Legalize your business’. The best part? The webinars are completely free! Be sure to visit The Rising Tide Soiecty for more information and to sign up! (Part two is tonight!)

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Yesterday I was a guest blogger for The Rising Tide Society.  I shared three easy tips to help build vendor relationships.  Check out the full post here.


Our next Rising Tide meet up will be on October 5th.  Feel free to email me for details, I’d love to see you there!

I first discovered ONA bags last year and immediately loved the Capri bag.  I searched for reviews before purchasing the Capri bag, but wasn’t able to find a helpful one.  After using my bag for about ten months, I decided to write a review that will hopefully help anyone considering the purchase.


When I use the Capri Bag:

I use this bag daily as my purse (sans camera gear).  I also use it at all sessions and weddings.  It comfortably holds a few lenses, memory cards, and personal items (wallet, phone, keys).  On wedding days I often carry my back-up camera on me and it does fit perfectly inside the bag.


  • This a is high quality (real leather), beautifully handmade, durable bag.
  • I often set my bag down during weddings – this bag is very stable and sits upright on it’s own.
  • It’s a great size and can easily hold everything I need it to. (I also have a rolling bag with me at weddings that holds gear that I don’t need on me all day.)
  • The bag comes with three adjustable Velcro dividers.
  • It’s easy to photograph when carrying this bag.  It doesn’t get in my way or slide down my arm.


  • The cross body shoulder strap has come un-hooked every time I’ve used it.  This is a huge safety issue, so I no longer use the cross body shoulder strap.  I do find this feature extremely disappointing, especially with the price of the bag.
  • The shorter straps dig into my shoulder by the end of a wedding day.
  • I wish the divider inside the bag was a little more flexible.  I also wish there was a small zipper pocket on the inside of the bag.

Additional Comments:

This bag is an investment.  It’s the most expensive bag I’ve ever purchased, but I am happy with my purchase.  I bought the bag in January and have used it every day since.

I hope that helps anyone considering purchasing the ONA Capri bag!  Please feel free to ask any questions if you have any.