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ONA Bag Review – The Capri

September 16, 2015

I first discovered ONA bags last year and immediately loved the Capri bag.  I searched for reviews before purchasing the Capri bag, but wasn’t able to find a helpful one.  After using my bag for about ten months, I decided to write a review that will hopefully help anyone considering the purchase.


When I use the Capri Bag:

I use this bag daily as my purse (sans camera gear).  I also use it at all sessions and weddings.  It comfortably holds a few lenses, memory cards, and personal items (wallet, phone, keys).  On wedding days I often carry my back-up camera on me and it does fit perfectly inside the bag.


  • This a is high quality (real leather), beautifully handmade, durable bag.
  • I often set my bag down during weddings – this bag is very stable and sits upright on it’s own.
  • It’s a great size and can easily hold everything I need it to. (I also have a rolling bag with me at weddings that holds gear that I don’t need on me all day.)
  • The bag comes with three adjustable Velcro dividers.
  • It’s easy to photograph when carrying this bag.  It doesn’t get in my way or slide down my arm.


  • The cross body shoulder strap has come un-hooked every time I’ve used it.  This is a huge safety issue, so I no longer use the cross body shoulder strap.  I do find this feature extremely disappointing, especially with the price of the bag.
  • The shorter straps dig into my shoulder by the end of a wedding day.
  • I wish the divider inside the bag was a little more flexible.  I also wish there was a small zipper pocket on the inside of the bag.

Additional Comments:

This bag is an investment.  It’s the most expensive bag I’ve ever purchased, but I am happy with my purchase.  I bought the bag in January and have used it every day since.

I hope that helps anyone considering purchasing the ONA Capri bag!  Please feel free to ask any questions if you have any.

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