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I absolutely love traveling for weddings,  but sometimes you can’t beat the comfort driving ten minutes away for a local wedding. Last week, I met up with the sweet family behind the Red Tin Barn for a quick venue tour.

Here’s a bit more from the venue: “The Red Tin Barn is a newly renovated wedding venue that sits on 24 acres of picture perfect property in Carrollton, Ga. The barn has wooden walls, a cement floor, and gorgeous chandeliers, and is a true rustic venue that any bride can fall in love with. There is a 100+ year old oak tree in the middle of the property that makes a perfect ceremony site. It is a family owned business that strives to make every bride and groom’s big day exactly what they imagine it to be. We invite all to come see our Red Tin Barn!”

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Red Tin Barn | Carrollton, Georgia


May 13, 2014



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