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Small Business Fridays: The Garden Shop

May 10, 2013

** Small Business Fridays is a new blog series focusing on local small businesses. Each business involved receives a complimentary short business session. Please contact me for more information. I’d love to network with your small business! **

Today’s post is on the new Garden Shop in Carrollton, which is run by Cindy from Feathers & Twigs and her daughters Jessie and Hannah. I can already tell I’ll be a frequent shopper!

Q: Tell us a little bit about your business. What do you do and what services do you offer?

A:  The Garden Shop came into being sort of by accident. My sister Hannah, was planning to open up the Vintage Rental Company and was searching for just the right space for her showroom and storage. When the Kimacy frame shop closed, we knew we’d found the spot. Sitting right next to our Mom’s shop, Feathers & Twigs, the space had the right amount of retro, old building charm. But it turned out to be about twice as big as what Hannah needed. Since Feathers & Twigs was packed as tight as it possibly could be with cool vintage goods, we thought, why not expand? We were bummed about having to turn people away when we didn’t have room to house new things, so this newfound space would be the perfect solution.

We decided that we would make the new store centered around all things outdoor, garden, porch and patio related. We have quite the eclectic mix of locally crafted and consigned items to add character and conversation into your outdoor living areas. Flowers, birdhouses, stepping stones, concrete and metal yard art, wrought iron swings and planters, garden benches, and nature-inspired artwork are just a few of the things we’ve gotten in over the past month or so since opening.

Q: Where are you located? What’s your contact information?

A: We are located at 520 Maple Street, adjacent to McGee’s Bakery, and across the street from the Boy’s and Girl’s club. We share parking with Feather’s & Twigs and The Fabric Peddler. The Garden Shop has a Facebook Page you can follow to keep updated on the fun new finds that come into the store. You can also calls us with questions at 678-664-1090.

Q: What is the greatest lesson in business you’ve learned?

A: The greatest lesson learned from this business venture thus far is that people don’t always follow particularly patterns when it comes to shopping and spending. Sometimes sunny Saturdays are slow, and sometimes dreary Monday mornings we’re jam-packed with people. There’s not always rhyme and reason with this sort of business, but that’s part of what keeps it interesting. And at both the Garden Shop and Feathers & Twigs, we are constantly surprised by are customers. We have many regulars whom we count on to keep us entertained by bringing in unusual vintage objects and sharing the stories that go along with them. Because there is rarely a dull day at either shop!

Q:  What are some words you live by?

A: I have quite a few personal mantras that I try to live by, but I think a prevailing theme within Garden Shop is the reminder to find time to appreciate the many marvelous things that the Earth provides. We tend to get bogged down and distracted from the hustle bustle of life, but I think finding time to revel in beauty of the natural world is something everyone should make more time in their lives for.

Q: Any tips for someone new at gardening?

A: For those new at gardening, or for those who want to spruce up their deck or poolside area with unique, vintage pieces, we encourage you, above all, to go with what you love. Choose flowers and colors and furniture that speaks to you, rather than just arbitrarily grabbing up something to fill in a space. Create an outdoor environment that fits you, and makes you happy, rather than just opting for something trendy or generic. This way, you’ll have a space that just can’t resist stepping outside to enjoy every chance you get. 

Thank you so much Jessie! I can’t wait to stop by the Garden Shop again sometime soon!

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    Beautiful Arrangements!