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Tips For Weddings During the Coronavirus

April 21, 2020

wedding during the coronavirus bride and groom on parking deck hugging

Tips for planning weddings and getting marries during the coronavirus:

Hi friends! I thought it may be helpful to share a few tips for planning weddings and getting married during the coronavirus pandemic from the view of a Georgia wedding photographer. I understand these tips may not be helpful for every person and every situation, however they are helping my LBP couples and hopefully can help you too!

Are you considering rescheduling your full wedding day?

1 – Reach out to each and every vendor you are working with. Chances are, they are all handling the situation a bit differently. Reread your contract, especially the rescheduling clause. Check your local (or state) restrictions and possible shelter-in-place orders.

2 – Check with your venue(s) to see if they have any dates open for rescheduling. If they do, check to see if your key vendors are available. (Key vendors may be the ones you absolutely want to work with, even if that means working around their schedule, or vendors that can only take one event per day.) Once you have a possible back-up date selected, ask your vendors to put a courtesy hold on it for two weeks until you make your decision.

3 – If you do reschedule, consider a Friday or Sunday wedding. Both days tend to have a lot more flexibility for everyone.

4 – Be kind and remember this is gravely impacting small businesses. It’s a completely new situation for everyone to navigate and work through.

5 – Don’t be afraid to ask your vendors what safety steps they are implementing for their business and how they are abiding by CDC regulations.

Cheering for you! xo Laura

Extra Information:

*The included image is from Sheena and Ian’s wedding at The Cathedral of Saint Paul in Birmingham.

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