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I wanted to quickly share a little behind the scenes look into our June TuesdaysTogether meet up! We loved having Roam Buckhead host us in their amazing co-working space!  Atlanta blogger, Lauren Bowling from L Bee and The Money Tree,  shared a little bit of this month’s topic – pricing!

Special thanks to Jackie from Blooming Hites for the beautiful florals!!

tuesdaystogether-atlanta-roam-rising-tide-society-june-01 tuesdaystogether-atlanta-roam-rising-tide-society-june-03 tuesdaystogether-atlanta-roam-rising-tide-society-june-04 tuesdaystogether-atlanta-roam-rising-tide-society-june-05 tuesdaystogether-atlanta-roam-rising-tide-society-june-06 tuesdaystogether-atlanta-roam-rising-tide-society-june-07 tuesdaystogether-atlanta-roam-rising-tide-society-june-08

Hope to see you next month!

TuesdaysTogether Atlanta June Meet Up


June 15, 2016



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