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Portraits: The Barker Family | Mia’s Adoption

November 25, 2015

Last week I met up with the Barkers for a mini family session on Mia’s adoption day.  I love that they decided to have photos taken the same day as the adoption and I think it’s so sweet that they will always have these photos to look back on to remember this time.

Isn’t little Mia the cutest?!

laurabarnesphoto-barker-adoption-west-georgia-photographer-01 laurabarnesphoto-barker-adoption-west-georgia-photographer-02laurabarnesphoto-barker-adoption-west-georgia-photographer-03 laurabarnesphoto-barker-adoption-west-georgia-photographer-04 laurabarnesphoto-barker-adoption-west-georgia-photographer-05 laurabarnesphoto-barker-adoption-west-georgia-photographer-06 laurabarnesphoto-barker-adoption-west-georgia-photographer-07 laurabarnesphoto-barker-adoption-west-georgia-photographer-08 laurabarnesphoto-barker-adoption-west-georgia-photographer-09 laurabarnesphoto-barker-adoption-west-georgia-photographer-10 I love this last photo of Mia and her Dad playing! laurabarnesphoto-barker-adoption-west-georgia-photographer-11

Happy Thanksgiving Barker family!!

xo Laura

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Thank you Laura! We all love the photos. You did a great job! Hope you had a great thanksgiving day.