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Tips For Wedding Dress Shopping

October 20, 2020

woman wedding dress shopping in Atlanta

Tips For Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding dress shopping should be fun and a wedding task you look forward to! I am excited to share a few tips that will hopefully make the process a little easier for you.

1 – Research before your appointments

Wedding dress shopping is a bit different than your average shopping trip. I recommend doing a few minutes of research first to make sure you are familiar with different fabrics, colors, materials, cuts, styles, necklines, etc.

inside of atlanta street bridal wedding dress shop

2 – Keep an open mind

Wedding dresses look very different hanging up versus on a person. Try to not rule out certain styles or designs based on how you think they may look. Instead try on styles to figure out what you like best.

3 – Don’t be afraid to schedule appointments at several different bridal shops

Most LBP brides I chat with about dress shopping schedule appointments at two or three bridal shops. Sometimes it helps to shop around a little to really be able to know what your style preferences are.

waiting area inside a wedding dress shop

4 – Limit who shops with you

There is no rule regarding who you should invite to go with you when you dress shop. It’s okay to limit it, and only bring those closest to you. Ask each bridal shop what their suggested group size is. Three or four people is generally ideal!

5 – Make an afternoon of it

What about brunch or lunch?! Don’t forget to eat and stay hydrated on the day of your dress appointments. Asking a few friends to meet you is a great way to include everyone!

wedding dresses hanging up at a bridal dress shop

6 – Don’t settle or be afraid to think it over

Sometimes making your decision will happen immediately, and sometimes it’s helpful to think it over. If your bridal shop permits it, take a few pictures to help you remember your top dress choices. Sleep on it or go back the next day to try on your favorite dress one more time before purchasing.

7 – Consider the season and your venue

Keep in mind what season your wedding will take place and if you will be mostly insider or outside. This will help you select a style that best fits your plans.

atlanta street bridal dress shop

Hopefully these tips for wedding dress shopping are helpful! I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!

A few of my favorite bridal shops in the Atlanta area:

Atlanta Street Bridal | BHLDN | Kelly’s Closet | The White Magnolia | The Sentimentalist | J Andrew’s Bridal

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